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Mirando The Gay Tempest

MIRANDO THE GAY TEMPEST Our latest project is an exuberant adaptation of The Tempest by William Shakespeare. – a one man “tour de force’ imagining  the play peopled by gay characters, with Prospero’s daughter transformed into his son Mirando.  An hour long version of the text was first performed by Martin Lewton, directed by Andrew McKinnon as a work in progress at Birkbeck, University of London as part of Birkbeck Arts Week. Since then, following a Grant for the Arts award for research and development, MIRANDO has been shown in London, Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings, Manchester and Barcelona.  Twelve performances of the show were given during Brighton Fringe where MIRANDO was part of the Arts Industry Showcase WINDOW. “a remarkable tour de force of storytelling and physical acting..boisterous, compelling, deeply touching”  GScene  

Handel’s Cross

HANDEL’S CROSS   ”  graphic fevered narrative…brought vividly to life….blurs the boundaries of discipline, suppression and homoerotic energy, punctuated with glorious bursts of Handel….” **** Jay Richardson  The Scotsman “unflinchingly intimate”  Neil Cooper The Herald   “a theatrical treat for the senses…….pushes further the boundaries of gay theatre…..a tour de force”   gaytheatre (Dublin)   Following its Dublin premiere as part of the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival Handel’s Cross was performed  on Thursday 23rd May at Birkeck University in London as part of Birkbeck Arts Week “With Handel’s music intermittently flooding the space, the S&M scenario combines with historical fantasy to powerfully suggest a link between artistic pain, Christian suffering, and homoerotic desire.  ‘What are the attractions of fantasy in a world where bodies are bombarded and oppressed?’ Lewton asks towards the end of his .. performance. It’s not a question he answers, but it’s one that lingers after his dismount” Fintan Walsh Birkbeck blog   Watch an extract here  

Naked Homo

NAKED HOMO SITGES CULTURAL PRIDE NEXT PERFORMANCE SUNDAY JUNE 25TH 2017  19.00 GAY SITGES LINK CENTRE SITGES BARCELONA Performed in English /subtitulos en espanol.  Free admission: Donations for LGBTI charity. Reserve your seat: ONE NAKED MAN. TEN NAKED SCENES. This daring and provocative new solo show is different every night! Ten scenes of naked gay life performed by one naked homo taken from:

Billy Budd Sailor

Billy Budd Sailor by Martin Lewton from the novel by Herman Melville “..riveting …. there isn’t a performance this intimate or surprising around” Mark Shenton – The Stage MUTINY, MURDER AND MALE DESIRE In BILLY BUDD, SAILOR a young seaman is press-ganged from a trading-ship to serve on a warship, in 1797, during the war between Revolutionary France and Great Britain, shortly after the British Navy’s ‘Great Mutiny’ was  brutally suppressed. Melville began by writing the ballad ‘Billy in the Darbies’ – and then worked and reworked the story until his death. Its closely-wrought themes of male companionship and frustrated desire reflect a lifelong obsession, partly resulting from his ship board experiences, but also deriving from his exceptionally deep and complex feelings for Nathaniel Hawthorne to whom he dedicated Moby Dick. NEXT PERFORMANCES: 12 to 20 May 2018 in a bathroom in Sitges, Barcelona

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